Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 2 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Wow! There were vast differences in the end credit comparisons between the Live Action scenes and their manga sources. Especially interesting to me is how the positions seemed to be switched when Uehara is being pointed at by a shocked Marina in the apartment.

  Another thing that amazes me is how the leader of the intelligent girls has yet to really prove her intellect. Yeah she is smart to avoid direct confrontation when catching Nao with Uehara, but that is so far the extent of it. Speaking of that scene I love that they briefly address stereotypes about sewing and girls. This really goes along with this episode's theme of how people are perceived in life by others. In turn that fits with the theme of how bullying is wrong, which can happen due to perceiving things in limited and wrongheaded ways.

  Finally I love that: Nao has started arguing her points better then in the first episode. What I call the Yoko Ono fashion moment happened. How the first kiss happens, specifically how hilarious that will be if the characters marry at some point and she brings it up when mad. The beauty of the transitions and every piece of music that plays in this episode.

  Questions! What brand of Milk was shown in the beginning? Does said Milk carton differ in suggested serving size numbering? Is the quality of the food and drink they showed in this episode healthier than the United States Of America equivalent? Why is an English translation of the manga not currently available in the USA? Will I ever get answers to the questions I put in any of my opinion piece?

   Note: Opinion pieces for episodes 3 and 4 will be up Wednesday and Friday respectively.


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