Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 4 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I have a little bit of a problem with how the plot had to be contrived so that Daichi and Uehara could   have the "talk." That said I do like that they are both shown to take the mature route regarding Nao's wants and needs. Though speaking of her needs I hope they get rid of her job at the ramen shop soon. I want this cause I don't like the owner's kid, Kentaro's, treatment of Nao. Also I don't believe Kentaro's story about the bowls. However, I do think this job has taught Nao a life lesson or two.

  Now as for the technical bits of this episode I liked they are as follows: The camera angles which show things like the apartment entrance (which has not been shown before). How the re-use of certain outfits (Nao's yellow sweater) along with the first time use of others (the red dress) creates a more realistic characterization. Whatever was done to create the visual effect to indicate the flashbacks. (I'm really unsure if it was a practical or computer effect.)

  Questions! Was Marina's audio cut off when telling Abe to "forget" Nao? Cause she was still speaking but I was not hearing speech and I am not sure if this was just a thing happening on Netflix? If it was cut off is there a chance that affects Moi Arai's paycheck? Is there a site, podcast, or video that compiles what is not standard for the majority of Japanese citizens to like versus these characters likes? If not I challenge someone reading this to attempt to make that list.


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