Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call episode 5 opinion piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I kind of wanted to slap the character Uehara upside the head while ranting at him about how complimenting works. However, I will reserve that urge for the editor of this episode for the massive jump cut that occurs when three characters leave a shrine.

   Other than those two points I loved everything else, but especially the following: The scene where Nao questions Uehara about his brother and Yuri. It just shows the trouble with long term unrequited love and having to accept that one has to move on. Something I have in my own way experienced. The scene where Nanako is an annoying teenage brat to Nao & Yuri. I find it amusing due to what they argue about and Uehara's initial reaction upon entering the scene. He has a pretty universal reaction to the situation that I would have also done.

   Questions! Is Nao & Uehara's fridge designed poorly for the ice to have melted so fast or did the blackout start overnight? Can someone make the instrumental music representing Nao & Uehara's romance moments into a ringtone? How many readers of this opinion series noticed that Daichi is an original to the live action version? (I just noticed on the official website in the chart section.) Anyone else screaming at their screen due to this episode's cliffhanger ending?


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