Recommended Comics List Of 4 Really Well Edition

1. Injection Volume 2 (2016) showcases how complex and layered comics can get. However, this collected edition, and the rest of the series, is not for the squeamish. Finally the art is greatly enhanced by the color palette.

2. Avengers Assemble #20 (2013) is only a weak story in how it is not a real tie-in to the event it is supposed be part of, plus Wonder Man being labeled a pacifist. It is mostly a one and done about a civilian couple, and how violence is not necessarily a good first response in super incidents. Overall decent comic.

3. New Avengers #14 (2014) is recommended simply as an example of Jonathan Hickman, Simone Bianchi and the rest of this issue's creative team's skill level.

4. New Avengers #20 (2014) shows how to have one-off characters overpower main characters in a believable, and epic feeling, battle. Also it has an attention grabbing cover.


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