Recommended Comics List Of 4 X Equals C Edition

1. Justice League America #46 (1991) is a fun story that has the right amount of decompressed set-up for the rest of the arc. It also may have brought back the idea that superhero comics existed in the post-Crisis On Infinite Earths version of the DC Universe.

2. Groot #6 (2016) is a touching reunion story that also features a pretty nice retcon of Groot's origin. It also features some good jokes, cameos, art.

3. The Transformers #13 (1986) is a decent morale tale of losing one's morals and how that can affect how others view them.

4. Captain America #5 (2002) shows the kind of intellectual debate that should have happened in our world in the aftermath of 9/11/2001. Whether others agree or disagree with my interpretation of this comic or what is actually said in the story is up to them.


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