Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue has only one small problem that I could see and it is found in the summary. It is a clunky bit in the concept recap that specifically has to do with how long the Eternal Warrior has been around.  The word "previous" or some other change would just work better than "past."

   As for any other flaws I did not spot any. Mainly because of how much I was laughing at how Gilad is shown as an idiot savant. By that I mean he's a master of combat and not much else. He has had lifetimes to figure out the answers regarding his first born's kidnapping, or to at least become smarter, and he has neglected doing so. It provides a very interesting take on the old brain vs brawn trope. Especially with The Dying One having to rely on the person who's the valet not being disloyal. In conclusion this is arguably the best visual and dialogue based example of Gilad's personality so far.

  Highly Recommended!


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