In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 8

  This almost was a good episode, at least for the Japanese dub, except for the Chibi-Usa undressing part. Talk about Pegasus/Helios seeming like a pervert. I think his interest in the loli character of Chibi-Usa is part of why regular anime is considered by some to be immoral. That said I don't think Chibi-Usa fully counts as a loli due to the whole 900 year old age/child body and mind conundrum.

  The line delivery is the reason why the Japanese dub is better than the original English. If the lines had been delivered with the same amount of certainty that would have made a world of difference. Without certainty any acting by any actor/actress is bad.

   Questions! Why does this anime's formula keep calling for the villains to leave without seeing their plans to completion? What is the point to Tiger's Eye trying to hand off part of the assignment? How come Tiger's Eye didn't call for back-up for this otherwise smart plan?


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