Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 6 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   With this episode I feel that the added character of Daichi has become two dimensional and lazily written. Daichi starts communicating at Nao about midway into the episode and never really with her. By that I mean he says stuff to her and yet fails to hear her. Yes, miscommunications have happened in each previous episode, but usually they are done in a well written way. Lastly, at least for this talking point, I feel that Daichi loses a lot of possible sympathy when he leaves Nao at the aquarium.

   Now as for the acting I have say Erika Mori accomplished the standout moment for this episode. The amount of stillness and the emotion in her line delivery at the end while dripping wet is shock inducing. I honestly felt shocked by those final moments. Though I think all the actors are consistently doing great work. Heck, I'll admit that a lot of the extras reactions are bringing something to the school scenes. (Extras reacting is often negated and frowned upon in most western productions.)

  As for the Nao & Uehara relationship I like that their first real fight was resolved and apologized for in one episode. However, I wish Uehara would be a little less stubborn in admitting his romantic interest in Nao. Finally the scenes featuring them eating together are very cute!

  Questions! Has anyone else made the comparison of Uehara's love of eating to manga characters like Goku from Dragon Ball? Is there a law of any kind concerning having places like the book store seen in this episode needing to show dual languages? (Asking due to all the obscure laws that still are active in every country and my desire to understand the unknown.)


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