Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 9 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I dislike the character trait Yuri has of jumping to conclusions. Yes, all the characters have exhibited some level of this trait, yet Yuri's case seems the most extreme. Though it is more how she handles the conclusions of a possible affair, and being lied to about that possibility, that I have the real problem with. If she at least confronted Takuya before getting drunk it would show a stronger character. Instead of talking with Takuya, or even the main characters, she shows weakness by drinking and almost sleeping with two strangers. Thankfully Uehara stumbles into and stops that event without violence.

  Speaking of dark turns in the story, with this episode the series seems to have gone from light-heartedness to a mature dramatic rom-com. Especially when Nao has an apparent emotional breakdown at the end turn into a bit of a mental breakdown. While I don't think the female lead character is mentally ill she does exhibit some mental faux pas. Mainly in her dialogue with Daichi.

  This finally brings us to the plot for this episode being a bit contrived in how the ending is set. Specifically when Daichi finds Nao, and how all the characters end up in the rain. Yuri being found by Uehara the younger is reasonable as is them being stuck in the rain. However, both Daichi and Nao not looking at weather reports when planning a day out is not believable. (Of course neither is Nao's outfit not looking completely drenched with how long she is in the rain.) Anyway my point is that this is yet another reason the character of Daichi is hurting the story. Nao should be comforted by either Marina (via phone) or no one in this closing scene.

  In conclusion, this episode is great even with both the nitpick (how the piano love theme was used) and real (Daichi) problems I found it to contain.

  Questions! Did anyone else laugh at the still shot of Marina's shocked/angry expression and how it compares to the Manga during the credits? Is this a one season show or will there be more next year?


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