Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call episode 10 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The whole episode is unevenly somber in tone and that is because of it lacks jokes. Yeah Abe's behavior in the restroom is somewhat funny, but otherwise I didn't see any narrative highs. However, I would not say this is a weak episode since we do get various character and narrative developments. An example of development is how Yuri and the elder Uehara brother reconcile and decide to move away. Also Diachi and Hisashi fighting and then later on talking about things shows some character growth.

   Speaking of characterization Diachi is again written to be a bit of a jerk by asking Nao to move in right away with him after an apparent break-up. Also like a lot of teens and other individuals is makes a naive promise by saying he would not evoke sadness in Nao. No healthy relationship romantic or otherwise is totally sadness and harm free. The best one can do is apply the healthier promise of safe, sane, and consensual that is toted by those in the BDSM community. Yes, Nao and the other characters are not in that community, and the narrative is not about that kind of relationship, but the same ideas can be utilized. As for the sadness and harm that relationships can cause they are due often to miscommunications. (At least the reasonable harm is.) Case in point Yuri and Takuya's marriage troubles that have been featured so far in this series.

   Questions! How long did it take to get those roof shots? What is the budget for the series and was in area brought in under budget? What have others written about the relationships in this series?


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