Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call episode 11 opinion piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The obvious tonal change in the first scene (final scene of 10) due to the different music was kind of off-putting. However, the situational comedy of Nao and Uehara trying to hide the evidence of their co-habitation from her parents is way more awkward. At least it is for viewers like myself who have trouble not over-empathizing with these types of fictional scenarios. And this leads to my initial questions: How many people also over-empathize when it comes to fiction narratives? Who actually saw the reveal coming by way of the stuffed animal tissue dispenser?

  Now of course I think the acting was great, and it along with the story is globally relatable. Anyone who has well-meaning parents or children that are shifting to adulthood has experienced similar moments. Though I think the production crew could have given Nao's mother more of an edge. By that I mean she could have been less obvious in sneaking around. Even if it was funny in how exaggerated it was.

  Final question for this episode: Was the music for this episode less noticeable to anyone else or is that my imagination?


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