Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 7 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The outstanding moment from the last episode is totally compressed in this one and thus turned into a just fine performance. Also compressed is the amount of respect and sympathy I feel for Daichi. Said respect and sympathy started at normal levels and is now zero due to how much of a jerk he has become. I mean he lays hands on Uehara and is just rude to Nao. Not to mention he invites himself to stay the night at their residence. What an arrogant jerk!

  On a happier note I enjoyed the moment when Nao talks about how people can seem foolish while in love yet not be fools. It felt hopeful and honest in how it was written and how Haruka Fukuhara delivered the lines. Also the interplay between Haruka (Nao) and Shunya Shiraishi (Uehara) feels realistic in how it has developed. The final things I enjoyed from this episode are: how Abe almost gets what presumably would have been his first kiss. When Yuri compares Hisashi and Takuya to "chalk and cheese." This comparison is funny if one considers how neither chalk or any kind of cheese are healthy.

   Questions! Did Koya Nagasaki (Abe) actually trip on the stairs when leaving the apartment? Is the creator of the manga actually this in love with all the dairy products mentioned in the show?


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