Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 8 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  First off I think Daichi is somewhat redeemed by how he helps the two leads. Yet I think he does not go far enough because he allows Nao and Uehara to struggle more. Of course the whole script is arguably swiss-cheese with how there is very little two-way communication. For example Yuri never really talks to her husband but goes back to him. In fact the only real conversation is when Nao scolds Yuri about the idea of having an affair.

  On the plus side Nao's speech concerning how affairs are harmful to all involved is for me the outstanding moment of this episode. This is a very true speech that I think viewers should carefully ponder on. Cheating hurts not only reputations but feelings and relationships. I would go so far as to say that it can possibly put people's mental and or physical health at risk. The last thing I have to say (on this moment at least) is that without the emotion shown by both actresses it would just be a smart piece of writing.

  While I do think this episode's script could be better I still love this show and this episode. However, I have to point out that I did not enjoy some of the cinematography and directing style. My main problem with these two areas is the sequence of Nao & Daichi going down the school steps. It just felt jarring and took me out of feeling immersed in that universe. Also I had trouble believing in how quickly and quietly Yuri leaves her distracted husband at the shop. She is like the Road Runner from Looney Tunes in that moment yet silent.

   Questions! Did anyone else find the repetitive flashback annoying? Was there ever an English translation of this manga in either Ribon Magazine or some other publication?


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