Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 10 Manga Opinion Piece

  I don't know if this will make a good season of Sailor Moon Crystal or not. Mainly because I don't know how many inaccuracies are within this English translation. For example the super young version of the Silver Millennium Sailor Venus actually said "thou." I am pretty sure that is a mistranslation. Though my main problem is how hard it is to follow the story due to sequences interchanging between dreams and reality. Also the reveal at the end felt a bit "duh!"

  Yet I did like the good portions of art, especially during the "coronation" for Mamoru and Usagi. Not to mention the fairytale aspects like the Evil (aged) Queen actually make me think of the overarching story as a fairytale. (Yes, that includes the Helios and Chibi-Usa kissing too.)

   Questions! Since fairytales were used as bases for some of this story why couldn't this Queen be tied into Black Moon's history and Queen Metal's origins? Why are so many terrible artistic fails found in these pages?


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