Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 9 Manga Opinion Piece

   I saw nipple, albeit somewhat censored nipple, on an image of Saturn near the end. Which makes me wonder was this a mistake by the creator, or did we only get censored versions from Kodansha Comics? Hoping it was the former, cause even though I am fine with exposed nipples of any sort I am not fine when it comes to exposed nipples below age 18. (Cause I am well over the legal limit.)

  Other things I found questionable were: Chibi-Usa being kissed by Helios in his Pegasus form. The fact that Michiru has students interacting with rapid-aging Hotaru. How convoluted the Moon Kingdom backstory has now gotten and yet the reincarnated Princess and Prince had no clue. Helios being possibly billions of years old being the love interest for Chibi-Usa.

   Overall this volume feels slower paced compared to the others I have read up to this point. Though they have all been entertaining to one extent or another.

  Questions! Anyone else annoyed by the knife throwing villain hurting a non-powered Minako and yet she is not shown to have even been scratched? So are/were Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus in a three-way relationship or not?


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