X-O Manowar Issue 50 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The final story in this over-sized issue is basically just a teaser for the eventual return (2017) of X-O Manowar. It is arguably the most unique of the four stories found within. Another arguable part of this review is the idea that the Ninjak story "His Greatest Failure" is in the wrong title. If X-O Manowar was not just a guest appearance in that story I would say it was fine here, but that is not the case. Though all of the stories in this issue feature great art and impressive coloring the first story has to much recap & narrative dialogue. Said dialogue obscures, and lessens, some of the impressive visual experience in that story. Finally "The Two Deaths Of Gaius Maelus" is misnomered and a placeholder story at best.

   Recommended only for those who have read at least most of this 50 plus (Annuals and such) issue series.


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