Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Rollercoaster Of Failure Edition

1. Daredevil #161 from 1979 has one of the worst covers I have ever seen. Not to mention the fight choreography looks ridiculously nonsensical. Oh and the villains just let Daredevil live for no real reason.

2. Fly-Man #32 circa 1965 has the villain go from a possible great and intelligent foe to impatient and stupid. Plus the villain is stopped by an ancient bug, that knows stuff it could not know, pushing a button.

3. Fly-Man #33 from 1965 has terrible dialogue and simplistic story details such as the character motivations.

4. The Shield story from Pep Comics #1 (1940) has contrivances galore. Also it seems to be swiping a lot of story elements from Superman's earliest stories. Finally both the villains and the hero act like idiots.


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