Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episodes 13 & 14 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

    I was a bit surprised at the suggestion of the supernatural being input into the show. Of course this is odd due to how relatively normal the rest of the show has been. Also I was surprised by how episode 14 takes the supernatural possibility and does pretty much nothing with it but a shaking room. However, more pleasant surprises are things like the lottery parallels found in both of these episodes. Even the initial ping pong matches spinning effects are lottery references. (Think slot machines from found in casinos.) Overall it seemed the nice surprises outweighed the negative.

   Now in regard to production aspects I think the direction and editing are better in 14 than 13. Primarily due to the fact that we actually have characters doing things that seem consistent with the established genre themes. For example 14 doesn't have new characters acting like schoolgirl ninjas. Not to mention the fact there is audio of a camera equipped helicopter clearly taking off that was left in episode 13. And this ignores how the new female character got to ground level so quickly after leaving the roof. Though episode 14 was very predictable in who bought the eternal love charms.

    Questions! Where did Abe get the blood for his ghost attire? Will Abe ever get a girlfriend? What hilarity has been left on the cutting room floor? Will viewers be able to buy this series at some point?


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