Recommended Comics List Of 4 Art Thou Silver In Age Edition

1. Clusterf@#k volume one published by Alterna Comics/FUBAR Press is a decent mature readers comic. While the lettering has some mistakes, such as being smaller than normal, it is worth checking out digitally.

2. The Flash #183 (1968) requires a little more suspension of disbelief than usual for certain portions, but otherwise is pretty timeless.

3. "The Adventures Of Tigerboy and his real tiger paws" advert found in The Flash #183 (1968) is very well drawn. Also its narrative focuses on the target market of competitive boys while not feeling contrived or stupid.

4. The advertisement for Jonny Double's first story in Showcase #78 is simplistically cool. It too can be found in The Flash #183 (1968), specifically on page 17.


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