Recommended Comics List Of 4 Pep Pulps The Hawk Edition

1. The cover art of Pep Comics issues 1 through 4 are great examples for comic scholars and historians who specialize in the transition from pulps to comics.

2. Hawkman #6 (2002) has a great centralized, and exciting, design to its cover. Also while it is the conclusion to a two-part story it stands on its own pretty well. Recommended mainly for those looking for a quick read.

3. Occupy Avengers #1 (2016) is recommended for fans of topical comics. While I personally don't think it will be timeless it does explore some timeless problems, such as corruption.

4. The Shield story from Pep Comics #3 (1940) has great design work and an ending that is a bit ahead of its time. However, it is also half way bad in terms of the writing and contrivances. Worth at least a look for fans and scholars.


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