Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Race Is Off Edition

Warning Of Spoilers for Doctor Strange #14 (Late 2016, Early 2017)

1. Hawkman #5 (2002) is a treat for Green Arrow versus Hawkman fans. Visually gorgeous and smartly written. It is also recommended for fans of James Robinson's Starman.

2. Green Arrow #20 (2003) is pretty good as a comic, and it lead to Gail Simone making Catman awesome.

3. The Flash #175 (1967) is okay for one of the stalemate "who's better" hero against hero type stories. However, the bits with the Justice League Of America, specifically the gold kryptonite portion, range from poorly written to severely contrived. Overall a good if uneven story.

4. Doctor Strange #14 (Late 2016, Early 2017) presents a new take (at least to me) on how Doctor Strange can use his astral projected form.


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