Aliens: Defiance Issue 7 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Well, the art and colors are at least things of beauty. This is despite a weird costume change for the synthetic man, limited feel of kinetic motion, and being a bit too light on the red for the blood. However, Stephen Thompson's line work is a major step up for the overall quality of this series. It also works better with Dan Jackson's colors. Finally the cover art is still good though Stephanie Hans needs to work on light sources being properly spread-out. Example: The projection of the alien is a little too spread out between the lead's head and the wall.

  Now as for the writing it needs to pick up the pacing of events because only one event happened. Yet it only served to remind me that Dark Horse's Free Comic Book Day offering had a story that is set after this event. Thus we know the characters are doing something stupid. Not to mention this is a expositional bit of thought done in the past tense. Meaning this story seems to be narrated from a future point so the lead female character should not be considered in danger of dying. Ugh!

    Barely recommended and only because the overall quality is high enough.


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