Book on Claremont’s 17-Year X-Men Run in Current PREVIEWS Catalog Order Code Sequart Organization Press Release

Book on Claremont’s 17-Year X-Men Run in Current PREVIEWS Catalog

Sequart Organization is proud to announce that the book The Best There is at What He Does: Examining Chris Claremont’s X-Men (by Jason Powell) is in the current issue of Previews, order code DEC162178.

The X-Men franchise is a sprawling comics mythology, to which hundreds of creators have contributed over the past 50 years. The period from 1975 to 1991 is special, however, as the X-Men universe was guided by the voice of one writer, who wrote every single issue of The Uncanny X-Men during that span. His name is Chris Claremont, and he made the X-Men what it is today.

The Best There is at What He Does is an appreciation of the long-term narrative Claremont lovingly crafted month after month, over the course of nearly 17 years. Proceeding chronologically through the issues, this exhaustive overview analyzes the trends, arcs, and themes that emerge throughout his landmark comics opus.

The book runs 296 pages and features a foreword by Geoff Klock and a cover by Steven Legge.

Important Note: Please don’t assume that your comics retailer will order any copies of the book. You should make it a point to tell him / her that you want one ordered. Once again, the book’s Previews code is DEC162178.

About the publisher: Sequart Organization is devoted to the study of popular culture and the promotion of comic books as a legitimate art form. Sequart has released twenty-five books, seven documentaries, and thousands of online articles. Its documentaries include Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously, and its books include The British Invasion: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and the Invention of the Modern Comic Book Writer.

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Disclaimer: While I have done work for Sequart Organization in the past I do not have anything to do with this book or press release. As such I do not profit from it or this press release.


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