Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The art is mostly fine with the only problems being certain eye positions and a little heaviness to the inks. An example of both is visible on the third panel of the first page of story. As for which cover is better I have to go with the regular versus the gimmick variant cover. Yes, the variant is an interesting and somewhat original gimmick but it serves no real purpose. As for the coloring and lettering they are well done but nothing this franchise hasn't shown before.

  So on a technical level this issue earns a recommended status. Unfortunately the writing has too much badness heaped on the characters in too compressed a time. Before I describe that though I have to say this is not an issue for those who are extremely political. Now the big bad appears to be a fictional version of the United States Of America's government, and thus it hits way too close to current and past events. Not to mention it throws allegories of the bigotry and other problems faced by our world due to the Orange One and his staff picks. Yet Christos Gage just dumps this bleeping bleep on the characters too quickly without giving the reader time to breathe.

   Finally the characters appear to react like idiots due to: Willow's use of magic going viral video. Willow's recent ex-girlfriend not thinking about civil rights being in danger for the LBGTQ of their world after the supernatural is done being treated like Native Americans. (Yes, I am against the DAPL.) Finally days pass with the characters not using the magic book or contacts like Riley, Kennedy to help them out. All they do is watch TV and complain about the gym-rat looking Slayers working that are working for the anti-supernatural government.

  Recommended for those looking for good visuals or something to analyze. However, I personally do not recommended this as a standalone issue.


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