List Of My Personal Top 15...Er 16 Best Comic Media From 2016

1. The Marvel/Netflix show Luke Cage due to how it affects so many cultures in so many ways. I feel it is as important as Charles Dickens' Hard Times,  The social justice messages from the first Superman stories, and Bruce Lee's affect on cinema.

2. John Jennings's essay "Skin Cells" found in Bitch Planet #8 (2016) is recommended for two reasons. First the writing is excellent in both the style and amount of compressed substance. Second it raises important points on how badly things are, and have been, going in the world.

3. Tied for this place are: Britannia (Valiant) for excellent historical accuracy and high quality sequential art. Star Wars: Rogue One (Disney) for being effective at inspiring sadness and hope.

4. Birthright published by Image Comics is recommended for being consistently high quality. Also for holding to the creators' promise of what the story is supposed to be in the vein of.

5. The mini-series Faith, or as I call it Faith volume 1, from Valiant Entertainment. Great read that breaks stereotypical superhero cliches.

6. The A & A: The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong story arc Clown Town. Cause Gub Gub and a talking bear scientist.

7. Brad Jones a.k.a. The Cinema Snob's review of Doctor Strange 1978 television film pilot. Just cause I found it funny.

8. The live-action adaptation of the manga Good Morning Call is delightfully funny and romantic without being badly cliched.

9. Bat In The Sun and Valiant Entertainment's trailer for Ninjak VS the Valiant Universe for excellent casting, make-up, and overall presentation.

10. Ian Dawe for his massive output of articles that helped keep Sequart going this year. Especially recommended is his article titled Mr. Clarke from Stranger Things the importance of experts.

11. Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously for pointing out how hard signing tours can be on arms. It is also a decent documentary on Neil Gaiman that all his hardcore fans will love. This movie can be found on Vimeo.

12. He-Man And She-Ra: A Complete Guide To The Classic Animated Adventures published by Dark Horse is well researched and presented nicely. 

13. Sailor Moon Crystal's 3rd season for its beautiful art, music, and animation. Also for the small improvements from page to screen.

14. Kelly Kanayama for her Sequart article titled "Until The End Of The World - A Guide To Garth Ennis's Comics: Introduction." It suggests that future entries in this series of articles will provide interesting analysis on different parts of Ennis's career in comics. I also feel that it is a very relatable piece of writing.

15. Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor: Year Two #5 is an excellent metafictional tale.

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with any of the works and receive no profit/benefit from this best of list.


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