Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Episode 17 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I loved the ending of this last episode despite how rushed some of it felt. The rushed nature comes from the "time is passing" scenes, especially the lack of explanation for the party scene.

  Though that is nothing in comparison to the two real problems in this episode. The first problem is how the "evil trio" decides to give up tormenting Nao and Uehara. Apparently we are supposed to infer that the smart girl is the leader and her having a change of heart means the other do as well. Which is such a load of bleep! Either this too got rushed or the manga has the same problem. Problem two is how the school officials are not called out on allowing such public and obvious blackmail of two students. Seriously that should have been at least brought up at some point.

  Speaking on more positive matters, I love that a lot of the actors got recurring work for this series even when I didn't think their roles were necessary (such as Daichi). Also Yuri getting one final drink joke was hilarious. Finally I love how every main and major supporting character got an arc to play out, even though some were unexpected arcs.

  Questions! Could a sequel show based off the manga Good Morning Kiss! (the official sequel to the manga Good Morning Call) be possible? What should be the next opinion piece series I do? Suggest anything @rippersspot on twitter.


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