Recommended Comics List of 4 Last 2016 Edition

1. Rom #8 (1980) is for the most part a generic 1980s' American licensed property comic book. However, the cover is attention-grabbing and awesomely designed. Also the last several pages feature a decent enough battle that I feel it is something others should see.

2. Forgotten Realms: Exile softcover (second printing publishing date of 2008) has an interesting introduction piece by Ed Greenwood the original creator of Forgotten Realms. It also features overall excellent storytelling.

3. Justice League #51 (2016) is pretty decent for a story featuring a mystery villian who is not revealed or actually confronted. Heck, even the fact that it is entirely a flashback does not deter the entertainment this comic provides. It is by no means perfect, but it is hopeful in terms of heroics that people can be inspired by or escape with.

4. 2016's Justice League #52 provides an interesting variation on the fake Superman idea made famous in the early 1990s. It is also a pretty good character study of the current version of Lex Luthor.


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