Sailor Moon Super S The Movie Opinion Piece

  I don't get why Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Rockman/Mega Man, The Plum Fairy, and possibly Little Nemo in Slumberland are kind of referenced in this movie. Also why the movie starts out fine in both dubs but around 10 minutes in starts devolving into an illogical mess. Sure all of the franchise has logical fails here and there, but this just felt lazy. From the lack of explanation regarding the main villainess's origins and motives to using Tuxedo Mask as a mere plot device. Finally the original English voice actress for Chibi-Usa kept falling into her own full-grown woman's vocal range. So the Japanese dub is the better of the two versions of this failure of a story.

   Questions! Did the good Fairy turn into a real dream fairy at the end? If not what happened to him after the events of the movie? Like did he change back into a bird? How did Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune arrive at the castle, and who informed them about it? Who told all the main girls to show up to Usagi's house? How do the girls get back home from the beach at the end? Did any of the kids die? Shouldn't the girls all be squinting due to looking directly toward the sun?


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