Wind-Up The Sharknado 4 Opinion Piece With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I loved it once I decided to consider this a fantasy movie. (Cause actual science does not really exist in this story.) Though I have to wonder if it was a budgeting issue or a time issue with the less believable bits of CGI. I say less believable since Scy-Fy Channel originated movies often have some level of okay to good CGI. (Again this is related to budget/time.) I also have to wonder why the grandmother couldn't die instead of the bride. Though I am glad a main supporting character did die. (Damn little kid would be dead if this were The Walking Dead.) Finally my favorite celebrity appearance is Andre Meadows as the train conductor.

  Questions! Will there ever be a Trident Guy (Sharknado 2 character) movie? Is Ian's character existence actually responsible for the Sharknados happening? Will an Alien/Cosmic/Demonic Sharknado be next?



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