Dead Inside Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    I have no idea what the hell Brian Wood's quoted praise is talking about. I mean the oft ignored angle of investigating prison crimes is something I agree with, but that is all I can agree on. On the art side of things problems range from the art having poorly done blood splatter work to being overly textured in select panels. Not to mention the covers are depressing in design and color schemes. While the writing has even more problems including a weak set-up in the initial mystery, no set-up for any of the characters or locales, and a story that just exists. This is similar to a brick being piled into an empty hole riddled row boat in that it will sink and bore those watching. In other words don't look to add this to your pull lists cause I smell a well deserved cancelation in the air.

   Most extreme form of a not recommended status.


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