Faith ongoing Issue 7 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    The writing is only off in terms of this not being a one in done story. Cause Faith is a smart character and very similar to a self-aware character like Deadpool or Gwenpool due to her knowledge of tropes. In other words she should have figured out that someone was messing with her by the end of the issue even with the cliffhanger ending.

   As for the visuals the artists styles are too similar and thus without a change in color palette it is hard to know if most of the issue is fantasy or reality. Though judging by the first few pages I think Joe Eisma needs to improve on expressions and depth. the lettering on the one part of the series recap/character summary is off in font color. Finally the indicia date says January 2016 and that is an obvious typo.

  My verdict: Entertaining yet not good enough in quality to recommend to any but the most die-hard fan.


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