In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 19

  This episode is watchable but only due to see how lazy filler episodes can get. I mean the fictional royal is such an idiot it is surprising this episode isn't titled "The Half-Attempted Dumb Blonde Joke!" In fact I would like to believe she made her country happy by dying via stupidity on her way back to the hotel. Cause not knowing what money is, among other things, suggests that if she has any real political power she is not a good ruler. Finally I like the fact the original English made her a duchess versus a princess/queen, but I believe the Japanese version is more watchable.

   Questions! Why did the elephant leave the battle? How come the elephant was not allowed to be part of the monster that had to be defeated? How come Luna was shocked at Mamoru and Usagi faking being sick in the future?


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