Ninjak Issue 23 Review WIth Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   If you are going to buy this issue I recommend the cover done by Ryan Bodenheim due to its 1970s martial arts movie poster look. As for the interior art I have no complaints on the line work. Though I do think Marc Laming could have made the decoy prison cells look a little different from the real ones. On the writing and editing side I feel this could have used one more go due to how it wastes the cliffhanger from last issue. Also it feels like the first issue of a story arc which is problematic since that was how the silent prelude felt. Finally I have to say Dave Sharpe and Ulises Arreola did good work on this issue.

   Recommended on an enjoyment and high enough quality level, but some may prefer to wait for the collected edition.


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