Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Home Zombie Life Edition

1. Home #1 (2015) comes across more like a bad attempt at creating a parody of the 1980s and 1960s with a weird zombie-like being thrown-in. Also the art is barely serviceable.

2. The Iron-Mouse story from Spider-Ham #3 (1984) is a rather lame parody of Iron Man. Not to mention he doesn't really do much except point out why a suitcase filled with armor would be a hinderance.

3. The Wally The Wizard/Star Comics advertisement found in certain Marvel Comics such as Spider-Ham #3 (1984). This is advert is not exciting or interesting due to the lackluster design. Also the writing is too abstract at times for the target audience of young children to understand.

4. Medic #1 (2015) is as bad as any issue of Bill Jemas's infamous Marville (2002).


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