Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Jaguar Ditko Edition

1. The Fly story from The Fly #5 (1984) opens with a visual problem related to The Fly's wings. Said problem is later made glaring when the story highlights his flying ability. I also think Steve Ditko's level of objectivism causes the flaws in the characters and story that make them feel hard to relate to.

2. The Jaguar story from The Fly #5 (1984) is beautifully drawn and okay in writing, but it is hard to enjoy due to overly large text and word balloons.

3. "The Mouthpiece" from Police Comics #1 (1941) is just horrible in every way possible.

4. "Dewey Drip" is premised on a stereotype that is kind of outdated. Also the line work is too loose, and the story stops right when seems about to get interesting.


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