Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Soul Ribs Edition

1. Nightstalkers #1 (1992) is kind of generic in terms of character motivations. Also a whole page has mis-placed text.

2. Soul #1 (2015) lacks proper set-up unless the other titles from Double-Take have been read first.

3. The Mighty Crusaders #6 (1984) has a one page gag comic that should have been two pages. Said one page story makes the cover text saying "Special! All-SHIELD Issue!" a lie. Also the Shield story is divided into chapters with an unnecessary recap in the latter half. Finally there are lettering mistakes in the final pages of the Shield story.

4. The Gunner & Sarge story from Our Fighting Forces #85 (1964) has one glaring problem. If the characters are not able to open their mouths without signaling allied planes to strike, how do they eat?


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