Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Twenty-First Century Edition

1. Doc Unknown #1 (2013) has a severe lack of set-up and seems to be a little too obvious in what inspired it. Plus it has one lettering mistake. Lastly it has several problems with sequencing and fight choreography.

2. Uncanny Avengers #1 (2012) has Thor shifting how he talks. Also there does not seem to be much difference between character voices. Finally there are too many unnecessary dutch angles.

3. The text story "Vengeance" from Police Comics #1 (1941) is a horrible attempt at creating a mystery. It jumps around on what is being focused on. Also it reveals the culprit and motive at the start.

4. Cable And X-Force #1 (2012) has unnecessary exposition being said to no one. Not to mention the small art mistakes.


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