Recommended Comics List Of 4 Boltinoff Torchwood Edition

1. The slightly amusing "Jane Of The Jungle" Henry Boltinoff gag comic found in the The Fly #5 (1984). Also recommended as an example of how to do a simple humor strip.

2. Torchwood #4 (2017) is not astounding, but it is decent enough to be something I would recommend to fans of John Barrowman or Torchwood.

3. "Plastic Man" from Police Comics #1 (1941) has so far been the strongest of the reprinted material from the Millennium Edition version published by DC in 2000. It shows why Jack Cole's death was such a loss in the history of sequential art. Great design work and a decent enough premise and script.

4. The Avengers #190 (1979) is a great example of how to do a superhero based legal situation. While it starts slow the story has an even pace and a good combination of visuals and text.


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