Recommended Comics List Of 4 Nick Fury As Savior Edition

1. Nick Fury VS. S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 (1988) has a beautiful, and beautifully subtle, cover design. Also it just barely stops from becoming an info dump of exposition and this is partly due to a ridiculous concept. Said concept of Nick Fury as Savior. Really one of the better works in terms of revisionist/deconstructionist comics.

2. Ms. Tree #33 (1986) is a mature readers comic that has solid writing and presents the positives and negatives to a Hollywood and the adult film industry. It also is interesting as a fictionalized version of Traci Lords time in adult films.

3. Ms. Tree #17 (1985) a mature readers comic that is not for everyone due to the topic of child kidnapping, murder, and rape. However, as a dark detective story it is solid in the writing and art.

4. The "Human Bomb" story from Police Comics #1 (1941) is pretty high in quality for its time period. Plus Nazis are punched!


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