Divinity III: Shadowman & The Battle For New Stalingrad #1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The art in the Shadowman section is probably going to be triggering for a lot of people who read this comic. I almost want to say this should have a higher rating than teen plus. That said from a technical perspective it is a fine alternative story featuring Shadowman. Yeah he looks a little younger than previous portrayals, but he comes across as cooler and more three-dimensional in his characterization. Lastly there is a single grammar mistake in his opening narrative thoughts.

   As for the Baba-Yaga story it is just there. Not helped is how very abrupt the cliffhanger ending is with Baba-Yaga just pausing mid-monologue. Though the art and coloring are worth a look.

  Recommended for completists and those looking for a relatively decent read. Yet I maintain my earlier trigger warning related to the level of violence. In other words not for everyone.


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