Generation Zero Issue 6 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    There are small amounts of clunky and/or odd dialogue in various areas of this issue. However, most of the dialogue is fine. What is not fine is various other things in the script. For example there is the character who seemingly died last issue (Yes, I forgot about the healing power possessed by Cronus) being totally fine. Yet Fred Van Lente leaves Animelia injured, and thus reduces one of the coolest and youngest characters Valiant Entertainment has to a plot device. Another example is the way too abrupt scene shift to the Sheriff drinking beers in his car. Though this is also partly the fault of the editor. Finally there is the fact this story arc has become way too long and decompressed. By the end of this issue there should have been some kind of conclusion to this 'mission.'

    I will say that this is a stronger issue judged on its own versus as part of an ongoing series. Not to mention that the "Heroscape" is still an interesting concept from several intellectual standpoints. I also think that the different design for Animelia's Heroscape provides good cementing for her growth and name change.

   Not recommended.



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