Ninjak Issue 24 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Well at least the story actually progressed this time versus how last issue seemed to reset it. However, with the exception of bringing levity I don't really see why the "Ninjak Tracks" were needed. These humor recaps of Ninjak's history are excellently drawn and nicely woven into the story, but they make the issue a "clip show." Also the possible foreshadowing of who the enchanted sword might be used on "*Cough* Roku *Cough*" feels a little obvious. Finally both the art and script fail with the acid swamp/blood sacrifice aftereffects. Meaning Kannon has nothing melted/burned by the acid and his cut seems to vanish.

   Overall I do think this is relatively decent if not high quality work. However, it could and should be delivering on the promise of the silent issue more.

  Barely Recommended.


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