Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Imp Boy Edition

1. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade #4 (1989) is okay as a comic, but lacking in excitement as an adaptation of the movie.

2. "The Fists And Fury!" Superboy #131 (1966) is a poorly constructed and executed attempt at a mystery. It buries the lead on what is causing the fists to appear.

3. The Story 'The Dog From S.C.P.A.!" Superboy #131 (1966) is poorly plotted and has weak characterization. Also a character with the awesome name of Mammoth Mutt is introduced and killed off within six panels. Talk about an unnecessary character death!

4. The "Adventures In The G. I. Joe club With Andy & George" advert found at the end of Superboy #131 (1966).


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