Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Aquaman In Danger From Aqua Edition

1. Action Comics #530 (1982) has several logic flaws in both stories. The main one for Superman's story is how he previously reprogrammed evil into Brainiac and yet Superman still trusts him. On the flip side an injured Aquaman is saved in the ocean by the Atom. Which is stupid because of all the other heroes who could have been used versus Ray Palmer. Not to mention Aquaman turns out only to be stunned so he really didn't require a save.

2. Daredevil #164 (1980) is stupid from the word go due to things like Daredevil telling his origin story without real prompting. Not to mention pointless cameos and keeping his mask as a patient in a hospital.

3. The Superman story "The Super-Key To Fort Superman" from Action Comics #241 has way too much exposition. Also there is the problem of Clark Kent/Superman thinking about himself as a third person at least twice. There are a few other problems including the stupidity of Bruce Wayne/Batman saying he baked the giant cake. When did he have the time?

4. Doing cover art where there is too much depth and no clear logic to afterimages depicting a character's movement. Case in point Daredevil #165 (1980).


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