Recommended Comics List Of 4 Jam Pack Jones Edition

1. Infinity Inc. #36 (1987) has a bit of a melodramatic ending, but is otherwise a very good read.

2. Albion softcover edition (2007) is a great way to read this intriguing take on British based comics. It has a good balance between dark and light story moments. Also Neil Gaiman fans will find the introduction he wrote fairly interesting.

3. Infinity Inc. #42 (1987) recommended for those wanting a lot of story and can deal with a little unevenness in pacing.

4. The Flash #160 (2000) is great for references to Wally and Linda's history as well as having good interplay between them. The art is great, but Scott Kolins could have done a little bit better in portraying Linda's heritage in the eye department.


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