Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ra's Eye Edition

1. Infinity Inc. #44 (1987) is a good comic for those looking for entertainment that is dark but not too dark. Also it is something that someone 8 to 11 years old could possibly be handed without problems.

2. Spider-Woman #31 (1980) is smartly written if a little weathered by some aged cliches and tropes. Though the art is still solid work. Recommended for those seeking early Spider-Woman stories.

3. Justice League Of America #1 (2017) has good characterization that is honest in how the dialogue and story are delivered. I feel it is very accessible to those who did not read the preceding one-shots or Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

4. Suicide Squad #12 (2017) is a good multi-character study regarding the current Squad's personalities. It is accessible enough that someone unfamiliar with the characters can find something to enjoy. However, the art is a little bit of a mixed bag in both sections of story.


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