Recommended Comics List Of 4 Tree Morisi Edition

1. Ms. Tree #38 (1987) has three great detective stories with three different styles and characters. Not to mention the third story has some great art by Pete Morisi.

2. "Radio Squad" from More Fun Comics #73 (1941) is an entertaining story with good art and colors (by Golden Age standards). It is also a good example of how to do a short story in an anthology series.

3. The story "Traceur" from Captain America And Batroc #1 (2011) is one of the best character studies I have ever read. It also is packed with action that is thoughtful in how and why it is executed.

4. "The Blitzkrieg of Batroc!" story from Tales Of Suspense #85 (1967) is a good story from the goofier Silver Age of comics. Part of what makes it work is how well the serious drama is combined with the bright coloring that screams of light-heartedness.


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