Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wonderful Land Edition

1. Marvel Two-In-One #36 (1978) has a slight deception regarding how the cover suggests Mr. Fantastic appears more than Skull The Slayer. However, the story and art are actually pretty great, even with the dated reference to Jimmy Carter's presidency.

2. The Flash #299 (1981) has an interesting Firestorm story starring two stock robbers. Though the main draw is The Flash story. This titular story features the conclusion of the first team-up between The Shade and Barry Allen/The Flash. A villain not betraying a hero was and still is a rare thing in comics from the Big Two (DC and Marvel).

3. The Flash #248 (1977) is a recommended comic to hand to Tweens who love current television shows from the CW/DC Entertainment. It is smartly plotted and nicely drawn.

4. Marvel Two-In-One #100 (1983) is a great issue for those who love to ponder on science and science-based theories. It also has a great team-up between two versions of Ben Grimm/The Thing.


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