Z-Day Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There are two typos in this comic. One is in the essay about the comic and the other is said by the person giving the mission details. These would be the only real flaws in the work yet there is one more. A single page set around the arrival on the beach is out of sequence. However, that should be an easy thing to put right.

  As for the art it is a bit scratchy in the line work, but I feel this works to the advantage of this zombie war story. Take for example the skull on the cover and how the chin looks a bit chipped. Said chipping adds a character detail by inferring a possible moment of life. Plus the scratchiness adds to the visceral moments of horror.

   The script itself has a great amount of detail that is only hurt by certain sound effects, such as when rifles go "POP." All the dialogue is realistic in both its feel and the situations characters are put in. Finally this story has a twist ending that is satisfying even when one sees it coming.



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