Bloodshot Reborn Issue 0 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Massive Spoilers!

Spoilers begin below! You have been warned!

  This final issue of Bloodshot Reborn provides potential set-up for at least three or four obvious series. Possible titles could be "The Bloodshot Squad," "Deathmate & Festival" or "Deathmate Festival," "The Odd Adventures Of Bloodhound," and finally "Bloodshot Baby." That said there is also closure in a lot of ways. The set-up, cliffhangers for the next series, and closure are weaved together nicely by the writing.

  As for the art it is nicely detailed but could have used more work on the texture of fleshy joints, I.E. Magic's knees. On the other hand we do get a lot of detail on the backside and underside of Bloodhound. (Though nothing gross just enough to suggest Bloodhound is a male dog.) Finally the color palette is a little inconsistent with some panels being lighter or darker than the previous.

  Overall this is a great finale to this onion layer of the violent mystery that is Ray Garrison/Bloodshot's life.


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